EUSTA supports importing medical equipment – cosmeceuticals from advanced countries

European Standard Import and Export Company (EUSTA) Co., Ltd) is a professional and experienced company, with the strengths over the years in health and nutrition food products. Recently, we have consulted and provided procedure services for pharmaceutical enterprises, distributors in Vietnam in order to import many genres of cosmeceuticals, medical equipment. Vietnamese consumers are nowadays getting closer to exact sources of information, changing their habits towards using guaranteed quality products in place of cheap and uncertificated ones. Therefore, the demand for importation of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics has increased sharply in recent years.

With a hundred-year tradition of manufacturing and using cosmetics, medical equipment; Europeans have lots of experience in controlling the manufacturing as well as consuming market of cosmetics and medical devices. They set up strict regulations for all products used for human health.

In Europe, regulatory agencies have introduced the concept of “Cosmeceuticals”; unlike other countries that only call “Cosmetic” in order to minimize the harmful effects of cosmetics on customers. Since then, Eusta has also been selecting reputable manufacturers in Europe, high quality products, highly efficient for users, for the Vietnamese market. Eusta’s customers have the opportunity to negotiate for reasonable price and contract, in line with their exclusive distribution demands.