Solution advising

Study and analyze your opportunities to come up with the best outreach strategy

Business Support

From formula development, packaging selection, importation to other important processes

Technical assistance,
Legal advice

Help you create unique and exclusive products, on demand

"Private label" & "branded" products

Helping you build your own exclusive brand with European high quality standards at a reasonable cost

- Core values -


Build sustainable and long-term relationships with manufacturers, logistic companies in order to bring optimal services to customers (distribution companies).

EUSTA, is the exclusive trade representative and importer of the best functional food manufacturers from France, Germany, Italy, England…

These manufacturers are all leading European ones in each of their specialized lines such as: specializing in customized formula development and production for customer’s brands, in softgel production, in children’s products, in weight control products, nutritional products, in fast-acting supplements or specializing in treatment support products…

The strength of these manufacturers is that they all have a long-term production base, and strong investment in Research and Development, with the desire to provide customers with effective, unique formulas, tailored to the needs of each market segment.

Products of manufacturers with which EUSTA is a strategic partner are exported to dozens of countries, including Vietnam and Asia. EUSTA will make the exchange process between Vietnamese customers and companies in France, Germany, Italy, UK…become easier, more convenient and faster.

Global pharma
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- Core values -


Helping you create your own brand, all-inclusive, from research, design to production

Made in Europe, for Vietnamese people

All R&D work is carried out by experienced doctors, researchers and engineers. The solutions are created with the understanding of the specific psychophysiology and health needs of the Vietnamese people, thereby applying the quintessence and advances in European medicine and nutrition in a most effective way.

Flexibility is our strength

Bringing you general or customized solutions, with high output production capacity and quality, uniform mixing, meeting food safety standards. Automated packaging lines allow you to choose from variety of packaging solutions.

Chains are easy to customize or upgrade

All designed according to your requirements.
The production process changes according to the needs of the customer, with the support of a professional technical team in the food industry.

- Core values -


Comply with European and international regulations to ensure product safety and effectiveness

ISO 22000 Guarantee the safety and health effectiveness of products.


GMP – Ensure that products are consistently manufactured and controlled to meet standards that are appropriate to their intended use and to marketing authorization requirements.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) – Ensure food hygiene.


ECOCERT Certified organic product line.


All health claims of products conform to European regulations No. 432/2012 and 1924/2006.

Made in Europe

Guarantee specific origin made in Europe. Comply with legal standards. Quality control at every stage of the process: input, production, final product.